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How does rent reporting work?

There are 4 simple steps to the rent reporting process.

1. Verification of your identity and rent payments: On your application, we need basic information such as your  date of birth, address, and your landlord’s contact information.
2. Verification of your rent payments with your landlord: We work directly with your landlord to verify their identity and confirm your on-time rent payments both over the last 24 months, and in the months to come.
3. Rent reporting to credit bureaus: We report your rent history to Transunion, one of the major credit bureaus. You receive an email notification when this is completed. We anticipate also reporting to both Experian and Equifax in the near future.
4. Tradeline creation on your credit report: A new tradeline is created on your credit report within 5-7 business days. You receive a notification when this is completed. As you continue to pay your rent each month, more information is added to this tradeline. This is why it is important to keep your subscription paid and current every month.

How much will my credit score rise?
It’s impossible to predict. Credit scores are based on individual situations. On the lower end, I’ve seen mid-twenties and all the way up to 88 points on the higher end. As you continue to report, it will increase your score over time, as well. However, we guarantee that it will have a positive impact on your score.

What if I’m late with my rent?
Technically rent payments are only late if it’s over 30 days past due. As long as you pay before 30 days, it is considered on time on your credit report.

How long does it take to show on my credit report?
We submit to Transunion twice a week. Our goal is to be as fast as possible. It can be from one week to three weeks. When it does appear on your report, it’s up to the Credit Reporting Agencies.

How will rent appear on my credit report?
Rent will be considered as an Open Trade Line on your credit report.  If you’ve ever looked at a credit report and see all the  Green “good” boxes,  that’s how it will appear on your credit report.

Does my landlord need to participate?
Yes, your landlord or property manager needs to participate. However, under certain conditions, you may submit a copy of cashed check to us.

Where do I pay my rent?
You will continue to pay your rent directly to your landlord, or however you’ve been paying. Unlike the other businesses that offer this service, you will not need to send us your rent check, wait for us to process it and then take out our fee before sending it off to your landlord.

What if I split rent?
Just continue to pay as you always have, and we’ll verify your half.

What if I’m married?
Check to see whose name is on the lease agreement so that we can verify it. If your spouse is also on the lease, then you should add them to this benefit, as well.

What if I sublease?
As long as the landlord or property manager verifies that rent was paid – that’s fine.

What if I rent from parents or family?
That’s Great.  As long as you have a lease in place and it can be verified.

Why can’t I report my rent payments myself?
A renter cannot report his or her rent payment. A neutral third party with a contract to the CRA’S can only report.

Are there any hidden fees?
There are no hidden fees.  There’s a one time Set-Up Fee and a monthly fee of only $8.95 will be charged for verification and reporting.How do I cancel my membership?

Can I Cancel at Anytime?
You can call us to cancel your membership, a minimum of 5 days before your next process date, and we will immediately do so. You can also send us an email to cancel.